Rod Dreher Asks “Who Cares?” About Sex Ratio in College

by W.F. Price 04.23.2014

Upon reading this title, some people might assume that I’m about to attack higher education for discriminating against men and boys. But actually, I think it’s a blessing in disguise. Dreher’s little comment on the matter highlights the hypocrisy of a higher education regime that sees no problem with discriminating against males, so he isn’t […]

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Feminist Biology?

by W.F. Price 04.23.2014

The University of Wisconsin Madison is preparing to offer the first post-doctorate program in “feminist biology” in the US. So what is feminist biology? Apparently, it is not science at all, but rather more “intersectionality” gibberish: UW was granted the opportunity by Gertraude Wittig, a German Ph.D. biologist in the 1950s, Janet Hyde, professor of […]

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I Can’t Believe I Missed the Feminist Porn Conference

by W.F. Price 04.22.2014

I know that Toronto is a vibrant center of feminism, but who knew that these screeching banshees did sex work on the side? Just a couple weeks ago, the University of Toronto hosted the Feminist Porn Conference, featuring plus-sized porn star Courtney Trouble, whose awards include Best Trans Films, Best Dyke Film, and Most Diverse […]

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GitHub Founder Forced to Resign after Catfight

by W.F. Price 04.22.2014

Former GitHub CEO Tom Preston-Werner resigned following allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation at the company, which enables the exchange and sharing of software code. Software developer Julie Ann Horvath accused him and his wife Theresa of being disrespectful to women at the company when she resigned last month, prompting an investigation. Evidently, Mr. Preston-Werner […]

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Woman Flunks USMC Officer Training Course, Blames Female Privilege

by W.F. Price 04.22.2014

Sage Santangelo, a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps, signed up for the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer Training Course, but promptly failed on the first day. Out of 14 women who have attempted the course, all but one failed on the first day of the thirteen week course. To be fair, the first day is […]

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Passing the Hat

by W.F. Price 04.22.2014

Bills are piling up again, so it’s time for me to ask for help keeping the site online. It’s been about seven months since the last time I asked, which is a good stretch, but I can’t wait any longer at this point. First, a short update on how the site is doing. Daily unique […]

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Why “Equality” Doesn’t Work in America

by W.F. Price 04.21.2014

In response to Henry Laasanen: When Nordics and Americans call for gender equality, we usually assume that they mean the same thing, even if they aren’t speaking the same language. But this is far from true. Despite the lexical similarity, the concept is entirely different. The Nordic countries operate on the basis of “consensus;” they […]

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The Men’s Rights Movement Should Change its Name

by Featured Guest 04.21.2014

[Editor: Calling for "gender equality" actually does work out pretty well for everyone involved in the Nordic countries. However, it's a disaster here in the US. Why is that? I'll offer my own opinion in the next post, but Henry Laasanen's stance poses a question we should all think about, especially in regards to our […]

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Moral Evisceration Renders West Helpless Before Putin

by W.F. Price 04.18.2014

The head of our propaganda outreach to Russians, a radical feminist lesbian supporter of Pussy Riot named Masha Gessen, wrote an op ed a couple weeks ago that essentially makes Putin’s case for him. Gessen, of course, sees herself as an ally of “progress,” but she and her cohort are responsible for alienating an enormous […]

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“Hypergamy” Enters National Political Lexicon

by W.F. Price 04.17.2014

As far as I know, the word “hypergamy” was coined by F. Roger Devlin, who wrote the seminal works of the manosphere. Devlin’s work exposing feminism is a real tour de force, and he introduces a number of concepts that have done us great service over the last decade. You can find a good list […]

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Pep Talk

by Featured Guest 04.17.2014

By HGW I walk in to the packed room with caution and am the only guy. Surprise. Immediately half the heads present spin in my direction, whilst the remaining heads continue sucking thumbs, fingers, breasts. I am greeted with a friendly ‘hello’ but the undertone whispers ‘enemy’. A proportion of the eyes say ‘snake, there’s […]

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MySpacification of Facebook

by W.F. Price 04.16.2014

I’ve been spending some time in my local library, which is very vibrant, and it appears that 95% of computer use is dedicated to Facebook among the folks who, five years ago, were mainly on MySpace. I wonder whether social media follows trends along the lines of car and clothing brands, and if so, whether […]

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Breastfeeding to Become Civil Right in Seattle

by W.F. Price 04.16.2014

In Seattle, the right to breastfeed in stores, restaurants and other businesses open to the public is to be enshrined in law, making it an offense to tell someone not to do so on the premises. A few years ago, Melissa Miller was shopping in an upscale Seattle kids’ clothing store when her baby became […]

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Once a Man, Always a Man

by W.F. Price 04.16.2014

Nothing exposes the fraud known as transsexualism quite like what happens – and always will happen – when a transsexual runs up against a real woman. A prominent advocate for transgender and women’s rights in the tech world has been charged with raping her wife, The San Francisco Examiner has learned. Dana McCallum, a senior […]

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