A commenter gets it

by W.F. Price 01.30.2015

I still do get (hidden) commenters, and one just replied with an illuminating comment. I could say that he recapitulates my argument, but he has a more forceful take than I do, and that’s exactly what’s needed. From Gunner451: I would agree with your premise that the MRA’s are not going to win. However, I […]

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Why MRA has been and will continue to be a failure

by W.F. Price 01.30.2015

Last year saw the spectacular implosion of the feminist narrative and a huge electoral humiliation for people running on explicitly feminist platforms. You’d think this would open the way to reforms, and incoming legislators would be proposing to roll back the excesses of feminist legislation. If not on the federal level, at least there would […]

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Response to comments

by W.F. Price 01.30.2015

I’m afraid I can’t fix the commenting system until I get a new theme. The current theme is broken due to WordPress updates, and I’m not going to bother fixing it, because it would be more trouble than it’s worth, and there would inevitably be more problems with this theme down the road. Following my […]

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Setting things straight

by W.F. Price 01.27.2015

I secured another month on the server to take advantage of the opportunities that clearing the field and starting over has given me. There were some things about MRA and the politics involved that never sat right with me. In retrospect, I don’t think I was entirely free to be honest, because I felt that […]

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New site thoughts

by W.F. Price 01.26.2015

I still haven’t decided whether I want to use this url for a new site or not, but I’m leaning against it because I’d like a fresh start and The Spearhead deserves to be what it was. If I can, I think I’ll keep it online as it is just for reference purposes. However, comments […]

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Where to go from here?

by W.F. Price 01.25.2015

If this post reaches anyone following my long hiatus, hi there! I’m going to start writing again, but probably not on this particular blog. Not only would rebuilding the site be more trouble than I can handle at the moment; I’m tired of writing exclusively about gender issues and want to explore other topics. I’d […]

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Life Changes

by W.F. Price 10.16.2014

My son is now three months old and becoming more engaging every day, so I have a lot to be thankful for. But I’ve had to confront a few realities lately. Importantly, I haven’t been able to consistently or effectively work from home for reasons that other parents probably understand. This is probably my biggest […]

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Theme Issues

by W.F. Price 09.19.2014

Readers have probably noticed some problems with the site, and the comments in particular. This is due to the fact that I’m using an old theme, and WordPress has upgraded many times since it was first installed. I can and will fix it quickly, but it will require hacks and will be a pain in […]

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Sex Selective Abortion OK or Not? Feminists Can’t Decide

by W.F. Price 09.18.2014

Practically speaking, sex-selective abortion is a non-issue today, because anyone who wants to have one can whether or not it’s technically against the law. If a woman can have a test to check her child’s sex, and she can have an abortion at any time after that, she can have a sex-selective abortion so long […]

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NFL Names Prosecutor Involved in Rape Case Mistrial to Domestic Violence Round Table

by W.F. Price 09.18.2014

NFL players and union representatives should take note of the fact that Lisa Friel, former Manhattan DA and now hired to serve on an NFL advisory panel of four women, was involved in a prosecution of New York policeman Kenneth Moreno that resulted in a mistrial and Friel being fired for prosecutorial misconduct. Friel is […]

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The Sexy Sexual Jihad

Thumbnail image for The Sexy Sexual Jihad by W.F. Price 09.17.2014

I’ve been wondering for a while why there hasn’t been much of a crackdown on westerners who join up with Islamic State. Not all that long ago, getting involved with a foreign terrorist organization would get you in very hot water. But today, there have been calls – especially from the UK – for mercy. […]

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Feminist Gains in Sweden Dwarfed by Rise of Nationalists

by W.F. Price 09.16.2014

In the runup to Sunday’s Swedish election, expectations for Feminist Initiative, the world’s strongest explicitly feminist political party, ran high. But when the disappointing results came in faces were streaked with tears and supporters needed to lie down (presumably to avoid injury from fainting): The Swedish election on Sunday offered enough emotional extremes for even […]

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Men’s Health: Guys Need to Cultivate Relationships

by Elusive Wapiti 09.16.2014

Back in March 2014, S1 and S2’s grandmother passed unexpectedly of heart failure during surgery for an unrelated malady.  In fact, she “coded” as S2 was just entering the hospital to visit her in recovery.  S2 took her loss especially hard, as he was close to her, but the person who took it the hardest, […]

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Is Sending the Army to Fight Ebola a Good Idea?

by W.F. Price 09.15.2014

President Obama has declared that the US armed forces will now be involved in the effort to contain the ebola virus, which is proliferating throughout West Africa, leaving corpses scattered across streets. While the army may have a significant reservoir of medical expertise, its job is not, and never has been, to contain foreign epidemics. […]

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