“Hypergamy” Enters National Political Lexicon

by W.F. Price 04.17.2014

As far as I know, the word “hypergamy” was coined by F. Roger Devlin, who wrote the seminal works of the manosphere. Devlin’s work exposing feminism is a real tour de force, and he introduces a number of concepts that have done us great service over the last decade. You can find a good list […]

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Pep Talk

by Featured Guest 04.17.2014

By HGW I walk in to the packed room with caution and am the only guy. Surprise. Immediately half the heads present spin in my direction, whilst the remaining heads continue sucking thumbs, fingers, breasts. I am greeted with a friendly ‘hello’ but the undertone whispers ‘enemy’. A proportion of the eyes say ‘snake, there’s […]

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MySpacification of Facebook

by W.F. Price 04.16.2014

I’ve been spending some time in my local library, which is very vibrant, and it appears that 95% of computer use is dedicated to Facebook among the folks who, five years ago, were mainly on MySpace. I wonder whether social media follows trends along the lines of car and clothing brands, and if so, whether […]

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Breastfeeding to Become Civil Right in Seattle

by W.F. Price 04.16.2014

In Seattle, the right to breastfeed in stores, restaurants and other businesses open to the public is to be enshrined in law, making it an offense to tell someone not to do so on the premises. A few years ago, Melissa Miller was shopping in an upscale Seattle kids’ clothing store when her baby became […]

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Once a Man, Always a Man

by W.F. Price 04.16.2014

Nothing exposes the fraud known as transsexualism quite like what happens – and always will happen – when a transsexual runs up against a real woman. A prominent advocate for transgender and women’s rights in the tech world has been charged with raping her wife, The San Francisco Examiner has learned. Dana McCallum, a senior […]

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by W.F. Price 04.15.2014

I’m in the process of finding a new place up in Whatcom County, which is on the Canadian border south of Vancouver. It’s a beautiful place with all the natural features I’m accustomed to: towering mountains, evergreen forests, lakes, swift, clean rivers and seashore. It’s also a lot cheaper than Seattle and closer to my […]

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Funny How Progress Looks Like Proletarianization

by W.F. Price 04.14.2014

Many of the recent developments I’ve seen in American urban centers bring back memories for me — of late 90s China. Microhousing, AKA “apodments,” have been going up all over Seattle, gypsy cabs are all the rage and people are renting out their bedrooms, in some cases to hookers: Hookers are using the controversial Airbnb […]

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Small Dogs: Companions on the Road to Extinction

by W.F. Price 04.11.2014

As birth rates among young women plummet, small dog ownership has risen rapidly in America’s urban centers. America’s next generation of youngsters should be called “Generation Rex.” If you’re wondering why playgrounds around the city are so quiet and dog runs are packed, a new report has an answer: More and more US women are […]

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Kirsten Dunst Offers Reasonable Opinions on Marriage, Sex Roles, is Immediately Attacked

by W.F. Price 04.10.2014

Miley Cyrus (mentally disturbed/obscene), Beyoncé (bitchy/materialistic) and Lorde (weird/unattractive) have taken up the feminist banner, and are much celebrated for doing so. Kirsten Dunst, on the other hand, who comes off as genuinely pleasant, attractive in a girl-next-door kind of way and inoffensive, says that femininity is undervalued, and being a wife and mother in […]

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How Men Lost the Political Gender War, Part II

by Featured Guest 04.10.2014

By Rod Van Mechelen [Note from editor: I'm all for compiling anecdotes and input from veteran MRAs like Rod, so if anyone else out there wants to chip in on this please feel free to do so] There was a place where men showed up: talk shows. TV and radio. During the 90s we smoked […]

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Yale to Thin Young Woman: Fatten Up or Leave

by W.F. Price 04.09.2014

The feminist crusade against thin resulted in a petite Yale student of Chinese descent being ordered to eat more and fatten up or be forced to take medical leave from the Ivy League school. Frances Chan, all of 5’2″ and 92lbs., was deemed unhealthy due to her small size: A Yale University student became a […]

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Clueless Anti-Tech Activists

by W.F. Price 04.08.2014

Commenter TFH posted a link about another anti-tech protest in San Francisco in which tech workers were blamed for the massive rent increases hitting a number of West Coast cities. The techie targeted in the latest protest is Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, who is accused of parasitism (by anarchists, no less). According to a […]

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Gay Orthodoxy v. Tradition and Religion

by Featured Guest 04.07.2014

Dogma v. Individual Authority and Personal Choice: A Libertarian Compromise on the Issues by John Savage The conflict between Gay Orthodoxy, Tradition and Civil Rights as can be seen in the Eich/Mozilla Affair can be resolved with a conversion of the right of Gay Marriage to one of the right to Civil Unions, with all […]

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Using the Fireteam as the Model for Political Activism

by W.F. Price 04.07.2014

To get things done at a local level, we start with small, tactically agile teams that resemble the smallest military unit: the fireteam. The infantry of the US Marine Corps and Army is built around the fireteam, which is comprised of four soldiers. Each soldier in the team has a role, including rifleman, grenadier, automatic […]

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