Feminist Gains in Sweden Dwarfed by Rise of Nationalists

by W.F. Price 09.16.2014

In the runup to Sunday’s Swedish election, expectations for Feminist Initiative, the world’s strongest explicitly feminist political party, ran high. But when the disappointing results came in faces were streaked with tears and supporters needed to lie down (presumably to avoid injury from fainting): The Swedish election on Sunday offered enough emotional extremes for even […]

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Men’s Health: Guys Need to Cultivate Relationships

by Elusive Wapiti 09.16.2014

Back in March 2014, S1 and S2′s grandmother passed unexpectedly of heart failure during surgery for an unrelated malady.  In fact, she “coded” as S2 was just entering the hospital to visit her in recovery.  S2 took her loss especially hard, as he was close to her, but the person who took it the hardest, […]

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Is Sending the Army to Fight Ebola a Good Idea?

by W.F. Price 09.15.2014

President Obama has declared that the US armed forces will now be involved in the effort to contain the ebola virus, which is proliferating throughout West Africa, leaving corpses scattered across streets. While the army may have a significant reservoir of medical expertise, its job is not, and never has been, to contain foreign epidemics. […]

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Rotherham and the Future of Blue Cities in the US

by W.F. Price 09.15.2014

The real dirty secret in Rotherham is that the underground sex-trafficking rings were facilitated by the politics of contemporary multicultural Western cities. Ironically, in Muslim run cities in the Middle East, while these things happen, local officials are not likely to be complicit in them, because this kind of behavior has a way of (literally) […]

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Moral Re-Armament: The Original “MRA”

by W.F. Price 09.15.2014

Today I thought I’d throw in a little bit of history as our world order enters yet another period of uncertainty and change. Not long ago while reading about Christianity in Europe and the US during the age of dictators, I came across a powerful Protestant social movement I’d never heard of. I should have […]

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Ugly Republicans

by W.F. Price 09.14.2014

The Palin family is in the news again for a dustup at a Wasilla house party, embarrassing themselves and Alaska yet again. This time, the fight was over a remark about Willow Palin, which triggered a brawl that involved young single mother Bristol throwing punches at a young man. The entire clan got into the […]

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Enabling the Hamster

by W.F. Price 09.12.2014

It’s a relief to see that Futrelle is back on my case again. I was feeling a bit neglected lately, and wondered whether I still had it in me to stir up his cat lady audience. That question has been answered in the affirmative. So, since it’s been such a long time, I thought I’d […]

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Girls Who Code Produces First Killer App

Thumbnail image for Girls Who Code Produces First Killer App by Uncle Elmer 09.12.2014

Efforts to close the “coding gap” between girls and boys are starting to pay off as two teens participating in the “Girls Who Code” program have released an exciting new arcade game that rips the lid off the social ignominy of menstruation. In a society that normalizes gun violence but levies a huge stigma on […]

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An English Perspective on Scottish Independence

by W.F. Price 09.11.2014

Opus’s quote pertaining to Scottish independence was too good to pass up, so here’s an excerpt for those reading the feed: Note that the English have absolutely no say in whether they remain joined at the hip like struggling Siamese twins with the Pipe-playing Porridge eaters. Of course we would like our Nuclear deterrent back […]

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Why Scottish Women Oppose Independence

by W.F. Price 09.11.2014

A pending referendum on Scottish independence has the UK political and financial establishment in a state of panic, which I must admit gives me no small amount of satisfaction. If I were a Scot, I’d look across the Irish Sea and compare the lot of my Irish neighbors not only with myself, but with the […]

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Hate Crime Prosecutions Finally Take Toll on FEMEN

by W.F. Price 09.10.2014

The radical feminist group FEMEN, originally a Ukrainian activist group founded by a male political radical who came up with the ingenious idea of promoting his cause with naked young women (such is the state of modern feminism), has all but evacuated Ukraine and moved to France. This despite the group’s warmongering in Ukraine and […]

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We Must Confront the OJ Effect to Prevent Another Legislative Disaster

by W.F. Price 09.10.2014

The Ray Rice incident immediately brings to mind the media hoopla over another domestic violence case, albeit a significantly bloodier one. When OJ Simpson cut his wife Nicole Simpson’s throat along with her friend Ronald Goldman, popular revulsion provided the impetus for the passage of VAWA as an attachment to the 1994 crime bill. VAWA […]

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Cat Lady Economics

by W.F. Price 09.10.2014

One of the biggest drivers of where people – especially the young – choose to live is sexual opportunity. It’s an enormous part of the draw of college choice, which neighborhoods people decide to live in and which cities are considered “hot.” One of the most obvious historical movements in this regard was the gay […]

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A Good, Simple Rule of Thumb for Parents

by W.F. Price 09.09.2014

There’s a lot of hand-wringing about whether or not it’s politically correct to raise your kids in one place or another, and a lot of guilt-tripping about life choices regarding where one chooses to live. For example, a lot of leftists despise suburbs and want everyone to live in densely populated cities. Still, even those […]

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